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Who or Whom?

Sometimes I find writing blog posts a little difficult, especially when I don’t always know the proper rules of language, writing, or even speaking for that matter. So when I find a little trick that can help me along my way, I pounce on it. For example, I’ve never known the correct times to use who or whom. So when I found a trick to help me figure it out … hallelujah!

So much easier! This should also make you appreciate that you get to read my typed words instead of my handwritten (chicken scratch) words!

I’m not just here to drop elementary school common knowledge on you today. I’m here to find out if I still have an audience after all this time. The 14th anniversary of this page, also known as the blogiversary, is less than a month away. And now that page is finally loading correctly and easier to write posts for, I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth doing a giveaway to celebrate.

If you’re reading this, if you’re still receiving email updates when a new post has been written, if you’re still out there… please let me know! A quick comment to say hi will suffice. I know for sure that Shirly G, Betsy S, and David B are here since they were all kind enough to leave me a comment on my previous post. And if you are still here too, Thank you, I appreciate it more than you know.

xoxo Linda

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1 Anne { 07.18.23 at 1:28 PM }

I am here! Love the who/whom lesson! And love you so much more! 🙂

2 David Bickford { 07.18.23 at 3:07 PM }

I have taught English composition at times in my career, and I’ve always told my students that although the who/whom distinction is a mark of educated writing and speech, it’s better not to make the distinction at all than to make it incorrecty.

In other words, I’d rather read an essay that says, “Who did you give that book to?” than one that says, “Whom is your best friend?” While both might be considered incorrect according to formal standards, the former sounds acceptable while the latter grates on the ears.

3 Lisa { 07.18.23 at 4:42 PM }

Always love learning from you!

4 Ann M. { 07.19.23 at 6:57 AM }

Hi Linda from Sydney Canada!

5 Kathy { 07.19.23 at 9:11 AM }

Love the knowledge drop! I refer to your recipes alot so keep them coming.

6 Shelley J { 07.19.23 at 9:11 AM }

I’m still here Linda!

7 Amy Kilpatrick { 07.19.23 at 10:36 AM }

I’m here and still love getting the emails! Love you!

8 Barbara { 07.19.23 at 11:17 AM }

I love your blogs! Was fortunate enough to attend one of your student luncheons at your home several years ago and you are an inspiration!

9 MJ { 07.19.23 at 12:47 PM }

Thank you for the grammar lesson! Now, I need to remember it…

10 Linda Hopkins { 07.19.23 at 1:00 PM }

David, now I’m intimidated and nervous. An English composition teacher! My writing and overuse of explanation points and question marks must grate on your ears and nerves often. Sorry for the past and sorry in advance.

11 Pat { 07.19.23 at 3:05 PM }

Of course I’m still with you!

12 Amy G { 07.20.23 at 3:15 PM }

Hi Linda, Still here! And still using my driving mittens in the winter months! Keep those great recipes and stories coming! (I, too, love !!!!!!)

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