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I adore and am fascinated by hummingbirds. They are the bravest and most tenacious little creatures. 

While I was refilling the feeder one afternoon, this little fellow kept coming up to the kitchen window where I was standing at the sink and buzzing at me.  He was obviously angry that I had taken the feeder down, even for the briefest of time.  I should have snapped a photo of him then, but I was feverishly working on getting the thing washed, refilled, and hung back to its hook.

Once I put it back in place, he obliged me for a little photo shoot, right out the window, on the aloe plant. By the way, I’ve named all the birds that come to my feeder, I can tell them apart.  There is Hummer1, Hummer2, Hummer3, and so on… all the way to Hummer7.  As I said, I adore them.

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