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so frustrating

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will be in Phoenix on Super Bowl Sunday.


Tickets went on sale yesterday morning at 9:30 Arizona Time. I set my alarm, just in case. Didn’t need it though. I was at the computers at 9:00, ready to log in.


Then, at exactly 9:30:00, I pushed the link and went to the screen below, on three separate computers in the house.

virtual queue

I waited, absolutely certain that I would be the excited recipient of free tickets to see The Tonight Show in Phoenix on Super Bowl Sunday!


We are sorry

One by one, all three screens showed this sad message.

Apparently, even my computer was disappointed – because after the ticket denial, I went to try to create this post (remember this was yesterday morning) and the WordPress site was on the fritz. I couldn’t download photos, the connection kept going down, and it was all very frustrating.

To make myself feel better, I watched this video and all was well with the world.

I love this video! It reminds me of how amazing food is and why I love to cook.  Enjoy! (oh, but sure to turn on the volume, the music is fun)

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1 Maggie { 01.15.15 at 9:09 AM }

I did the same thing! I was click-click-clicking away seconds before 9:30 and then at 9:34 got the sad news that they were all reserved. I was sure that no one else knew about this (even though it was on Channel 12 news… silly me) and that I was going to get to see Jimmy Fallon, but not so much. 🙁

2 Marissa { 01.15.15 at 10:15 AM }

So sad 🙁 I would have been so jealous!

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