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so many scarves

Soon after Christmas, we’ll be going to Chicago for a our niece’s wedding.

It’s cold in Chicago! I’m going to be wearing scarves, a lot!

I don’t wear scarves all that often in Sunny AZ, so this video is going to be my go-to guide!

This next video makes it even easier with, step-by-step directions…

Are you an expert scarf wearer or a novice like me?

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1 Pat { 12.23.14 at 3:13 PM }

Who would have thought there were that many ways to tie scarves. I have several but I guess I’m just not a scarf person, other than to keep my neck warm. LOL, Mom

2 Laura { 12.24.14 at 4:36 PM }

I’m lucky to remember that I have any scarves. This video confirms that I am a fashion underachiever, but it’s fun to watch! Merry Christmas Linda and have fun in the Windy City!

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