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savings bonanza

I’m in Carlsbad, CA at my timeshare this week with Marissa and my cousin, Michelle Lorts. Michelle and I drove over on Saturday and picked up Marissa, who flew in from Austin, TX.

This is the view from our balcony. Not too shabby. We’ve had a wonderful, relaxing, and cool week thus far. Not missing the 110+ degree AZ days one single bit!

Here are Michelle and Marissa out in the front of the resort under an African tulip tree. Isn’t it gorgeous?

But the real news I have to share is the amazing deal I got on wine at Von’s (Safeway in AZ) grocery store. We went in to buy some orange juice and a couple of bottles of Michelle’s favorite Sauvignon Blanc, Brancott Estate. When we strolled down the wine aisles, we immediately noticed that all the wine was on sale with yellow tags on every shelf. The Brancott was regularly $13.99 a bottle and was on sale for $9.99. Sweet! Michelle grabbed 2 bottles.

Then I looked a little farther down the aisle and saw a couple of red tags among all the yellow. Upon further inspection, I saw that the Robert Mondavi Oakville Fum Blanc which was regularly $34.99 a bottle was on clearance for ….. wait for it…

$7.87 a bottle!!!!

That’s right, $27.12 off each bottle! There were five bottles on the shelves and you know that I got them all. In fact, one was too far back for us to reach, so we found an employee from the meat department to come and get it for us. No pride here!

The other clearance tag was for Benzinger Rosa, regularly $26.99 … for the “clear it out” price of $6.07. I bought all four of those bottles too. We grabbed one more bottle of another Sauvignon Blanc to round it up to 12 bottles so that we could get the 10% discount on the “mix or match” of 6 bottles. When you see what we saved, you are going to fall off your chair!

That’s right people. We saved $226.58 on a case of wine! Only paid $97.84 for all of it. Three bottles of the regularly priced Mondavi would have cost more than that.

Yeah, our vacation is pretty dang awesome.

The gorgeous sunsets only make it all the more so.

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1 Sloane Hansen { 08.09.18 at 8:18 AM }

HUGE rain and wind last night

2 Sheila { 08.09.18 at 9:41 AM }

You are one deserving lady?

3 Anonymous { 08.09.18 at 9:53 AM }

My kind of wine choices!

4 Anne { 08.09.18 at 12:48 PM }

Hi Linda, Marissa and Michelle! So happy you got away to lovely CA!! What a smokin’ deal on the vino!! I wonder if Safeway here in AZ could possibly be so good to us?? Have fun and see you soon, big hugs! xoxo

5 Anonymous { 08.09.18 at 3:16 PM }

Wow what a saving!

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