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Friday Funny, not

Last week, I posted this Friday Funny.

Google search

Beneath it, I wrote, “Seriously! If Google could make that a reality, I’d get at least 8 hours added back into my life each and every week!”

I wasn’t kidding! Let me tell you a little story to illustrate how my life typically goes:


One thing, you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE my car! It’s a 2002 Acura MDX. I know, it’s nearly 13 years old! But I love it all the same. I’ve never been one of those people who needs a new car every other year, I don’t subscribe to that sort of “disposable” lifestyle.

My friends and I call my MDX the Magic Car.

It is magic because it can haul and hold any and everything we ever want it to haul or hold.

When I go to Sweet Salvage with Peggy, Anne, Sheila, or Kim – even though they all have newer cars, we always take my car. Because we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if we find something big to buy – it WILL fit in my car.

Sure, little things are falling apart on it, but it still drives like a dream, it gives me no headaches or heartache. It is simply The Best Car Ever!


One might ask, “Linda, your car is 12 years old, if it’s such a great ride, why not trade it in and get another Acura MDX?

That sounds like a good plan, trouble is, the newer MDX models do not have the same cargo space as mine. They’ve made them smaller and that is a problem! So I hold on to it. I love it, I want it to last forever!

All that being said, yesterday I was thinking that my treasured MDX had its last ride…. all because I lost the keys. Not just one set of keys, but two sets of keys in the span of about 15 hours!

time lost

Crazy! I know!

Here’s what happened –

I loaded my car for a cooking class that I was teaching on Wednesday night. All the food was in there, all I needed to get was my purse, and I’d be on my way. I got in the car and looked in my purse – no keys. Happens all the time. I went back into the house and looked around the kitchen and desk counters – no keys. I didn’t have time to search, so I grabbed the set of spare keys from the hook near the kitchen sink, and off I went.

wasted time

I got home late that night. Unfortunately, I had to park the car in the driveway because Dave had taken my space in the garage. He did this since his space is still filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff from the attic. I was perturbed, to say the least, because he knew I’d have a carload of stuff to haul back into the house. Men!

Connor arrived home from work at the same time as me, so he helped me unload my car and I made sure to use the key fob to lock my car since now it would be sitting out overnight.

The next morning I had to take my dad to a doctor’s appointment, I got ready, grabbed my purse, opened the garage, and as I was walking to the car, I was digging through my purse for the keys. No keys. That’s right, I had to use the spare keys, they would be on the kitchen counter, where I must have left them when I unloaded everything from the car the night before.

recycle time

I went back into the house and searched for at least 10 minutes and could not find the keys! What is going on???? Is there a key thief in my house or what? I was out of time, so I grabbed the spare set of keys to Connor’s car (off that same rack by the kitchen sink) and rushed to pick up my dad for his appointment. I had to drive like a bat out of hell since I was now running late. He Hates To Be Late!

I took him to the doctor and to Fry’s for groceries, and to the bank to deposit a check, and to Bashas’ (another grocery store) because they had bananas on sale… you get the picture.

When I got home, and after I carefully placed Connor’s keys back on the rack, I began the search for both sets of my keys.

melting clock

I went through all the kitchen drawers and cupboards, I went through all my bedroom, closet, and bathroom drawers. I went upstairs and looked to see if Connor might have accidentally grabbed them the night before after helping me upload. I searched the garage and the driveway, under and around the car to see if I’d dropped them. I went through 2 bags of trash in the outside dumpster (I make quite a bit of trash when I’m prepping for a cooking class) and then through the recycle dumpster, for good measure. Then I went through all the drawers and cupboards again. I looked under couches and beds and chairs. I searched the house from top to bottom. No Keys!

I had put on the same clothes I’d worn the night before, so there was no need to search the laundry, I was wearing the same pants – with the same pockets.

This went on for five hours! Five hours of my life – gone. Wasted. To never get back. Looking for keys.

I had one solution. Call a locksmith to see if at least the original set of keys were in the car (which I suspected they were) and give up the search for the spare set.

IF there were NO keys in the car – the ONLY remaining solution – buy a new car!

key fob

I’m not even kidding! The car is old. Do you know how much it costs to replace key fobs? Crazy expensive! Hard to justify spending money on that old car.

I may love that car, but I’m not going to love it as much if I don’t have a key fob and I have to use an actual key to lock and unlock it every single time I get in and out, for the rest of the car’s natural life!

Yeah, that is how serious the situation was, I was going to have to buy a new car and get rid of the car that I love so dearly, all because I lost something, two somethings actually, in my own damn house!

In the meantime, it suddenly dawned on me that I could get a locksmith to unlock my car and hopefully there would be a spare key in the car I could use until we decided on whether to get the new car or not. Before I called a locksmith, I thought that maybe I should text Dave and ask if he might have a set of my keys.

Guess what?!?

He did! He accidentally grabbed the spare set of my keys on the way out of the house that morning.

Fantastic! Five hours lost, but at least I don’t have to sell my beloved car!

When I finally got my spare keys from Dave at 7:00 PM, I was able to open my car and find my other set, which had fallen between the passenger seat and console.

keys found

All’s well that ends well.

So there you have it, another day wasted, looking for stuff I’ve lost or misplaced in my own house! Jeez!

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1 Sheila { 12.12.14 at 8:50 AM }

OMG! Funny!-but not really. Can so relate. ????

2 Marissa { 12.12.14 at 9:11 AM }

At least it wasn’t my fault – which sometimes it is!

3 Linda Hopkins { 12.12.14 at 9:45 AM }

Marissa, no it was not your fault at all! I suppose if we HAD to blame someone we might blame your dad. Let’s see, he took my parking spot in the garage… which forced me to park in the driveway and LOCK my car (which I never do in the garage). Then he took my keys which prevented me from unlocking my car, to find the other set of keys which was hiding there. So yeah…. let’s blame it on him! #scapegoat

4 Anne { 12.12.14 at 10:24 AM }

Oh Linda! I was on the edge of my seat near the end thinking “NO NO NO NO!!! We can’t give up the Magic Car!!” (“WE” ) Whew, so glad this case of missing keys was solved. Your comment about #scapegoat….too funny. Was there peanut butter on the spare set of keys? hehe Good story-telling, girlfriend. Too bad about the lost time – – but it’s a new day, YAY! Hope yours is wonderful and that nothing is misplaced or lost! 🙂 Love ya!

5 Linda Hopkins { 12.12.14 at 10:27 AM }

OMG Anne! Peanut Butter! YOU are TOO Funny! I love you! oxoxoxoxo

6 Amy { 12.12.14 at 10:28 AM }

I still say new car! Lol, love you

7 Linda Hopkins { 12.12.14 at 10:34 AM }

Amy, my girl! New Car!?! Sacrilegious! Blasphemy!

8 sloane { 12.12.14 at 11:30 AM }

You had me there! Raina’s car is the same year and is also the best!

9 Tram Mai { 12.12.14 at 5:49 PM }

LOL! I can attest to you fitting everything in your car… Like my coffee table and French board! You and your car rock!!!

10 Peggy { 12.12.14 at 6:42 PM }

I can’t think of ONE time we we weren’t able to fit a houseful of furniture in there. THAT Acura, YOUR Acura could put UHaul out of business!!

11 Ronnie Jaap { 12.21.14 at 12:14 PM }

Can totally relate! Best not to count those lost hours!

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