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I’ve finished sharing all my recipes from the Spanish Dinner Party and the menu is now listed on the “Complete Recipe Index” – yet I have one more important tip to share with you.


At the Spanish Dinner Party, I served my Rojo Sangria from this glass beverage server.

Problem was, that the fruit tended to clog the spout.

We solved this problem by providing a spoon that could be put down in the jar and pushed aside the fruit.

Of course, the lid had to be removed to do so. Additionally, the weather that evening was very lovely, which lead to our tendency to leave the door open, as we were dining al fresco

This combination leads to problem number two.

Fruit Flies!

When I entered the kitchen, while clearing the table, I discovered a fruit fly infestation in the open sangria jar! It was disgusting!

I disposed of the remaining sangria, but much to my dismay, a majority of the fruit flies remained.

As a result, here is my tip on how to quickly and efficiently get rid of fruit flies in your home.

  1. Get a small jar or a plastic container of some sort. Place a few banana slices and a few mango trimmings, or something similar in the container.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and then secure a rubber band around the rim to hold it tightly in place.
  3. Poke a hole in the plastic wrap with a sharp paring knife, a letter opener, a pencil, or whatever you have handy. A small hole, just a bit bigger than a fruit fly.
  4. The nasty little creatures will be immensely attracted to your rotting fruit and go in the hole. Thankfully, they can’t make their way out.

30 minutes

I made four of these traps, placing them throughout the house and within about 30 minutes, each trap had a couple of flies. Within two hours, each had a dozen or more.

3 hours

Within 24 hours they were all trapped and life as we know it was back to normal!

Victory is Mine!

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1 Rita { 04.29.14 at 9:43 AM }

Thank you so much! Those fruit flies make me nuts!

2 Linda Hopkins { 04.29.14 at 10:27 AM }

Me too, Rita! I walk around smacking my hands in the air, looking like a crazy person, trying to kill them. This works so much better and it’s rewarding to find them all trapped in there!

3 Marissa { 04.29.14 at 2:40 PM }

I’ll have to try this! The apple cider vinegar thing I found on Pinterest did not work.

4 Vicki Dickerson { 05.02.14 at 11:34 AM }

Thanks for this fabulous tip! I’m sorry to say that I was happy that somebody else has had a fruit fly problem to confront…and could tell us how to take care of them!

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