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hatch salsa

OK, I posted about the awesome Hatch Valley Salsa from Trader Joe’s for the Green Chile Salsa and Pork Stew … and now it seems as though it may be gone for the season.  You Snooze – You Lose.

That being said, I do not want you to lose out on this fabulous frozen pizza at Costco.

Costco Frozen pizza

Honestly, I want you ALL to run to Costco and buy this frozen pizza so that they don’t ever get rid of it.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?

screaming sicilian

Seriously, this spicy bacon-laden pizza is our new favorite.

Go. And. Get. It!

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1 Sheila { 10.23.14 at 9:15 AM }

Yes! I ran for hatch chilis RIGHT AFTER reading your post- “out of stock at warehouse” is what they said. Oh bother!
Headed to Costco!

2 Tram Mai { 10.24.14 at 8:24 AM }

Wow! After all our weekly trips to Costco, I’ve never seen that! Must be new?

3 Betsy { 10.24.14 at 9:25 AM }

off to Costco today– boo on missing salsa and I am there so often
now we will need an alternate recipe !!
Have a GREAT weekend and a wonderful birthday !!

4 Linda Hopkins { 10.24.14 at 10:49 AM }

Tram, It is quite new. I bought it for the first time about 2 weeks ago.

Betsy, I put a substitution suggestion on the previous post, in the comment section….

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