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Austin with Connor

A week ago, Connor and I flew to Austin, TX to visit Marissa and Jeff and see their new house.

We saw, we ate, we drank, we had a great time and we toasted a lot.

We toasted at every place we ate and drank.

So pretty much all the time!

Looking back, it seems like all we did was eat and drink! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Nothing wrong with that at all!

The night we arrived, we ate at Odd Duck. Marissa and Jeff had celebrated their first wedding anniversary here, back in October. I love that they wanted to share it with us.

The menu consists of tapas-style shared plates. The food was creative, fun, and yummy.

The next morning, we walked to a fun and popular spot in their new neighborhood. Radio Coffee & Beer focuses on those two things but thankfully also has the Veracruz All-Natural Tacos food truck, where you can order up delicious breakfast tacos.

Since I don’t drink coffee, it would have been a bust for me without the tacos!

After breakfast, we went to the Cathedral of Junk. I found out about it from a new book I bought called Atlas Obscura.

It’s quite the place! It is in a gentleman’s backyard, in a regular neighborhood.

Let’s just say that it would not fly with my HOA!

Another place we wanted to go, which I also found in the Atlas, was Hamilton Pool. We drove all the way out to it, only to be turned away because the parking lot was full. Thankfully, there is a winery across the street!

So instead of being one with nature, we tasted wine and joined the Westcave Cellars wine club. If you ask me, not a bad consolation.

That night, we toasted each other again and enjoyed dinner outside at Contigo.

Sunday morning, our intention was to go to Gospel Brunch at Stubb’s, but unfortunately/fortunately, the band had canceled, so we drove out to The Salt Lick for some really good BBQ instead.

As much as I loved Gospel Brunch on my last trip to Austin, I’m secretly happy to have missed it and eaten here instead!

At The Salt Lick, they really know what BBQ is!

Great BBQ is expected in Texas, but who would expect such great ramen?

I’m all about ramen and Ramen Tatsu-Ya delivers!

On our last night, we had to take Connor to see the famous Austin Bats! Jeff didn’t join us. He’s seen the bats enough and has to do it again in a few weeks with some visiting friends.

As cool as they are, this will be my last time for a while too. One great advantage of seeing them from a boat instead of from the bridge though is the perfect vantage point of the Austin nighttime skyline!

Thank you Marissa…

… and Jeff for showing us such a great time and for being wonderful hosts! Cheers!

Connor and I loved every minute of our time with you! xoxo

P.S. The lovely flowers at the top of the post are a field of Texas Bluebonnets. They are the state flower and were blooming everywhere! 








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1 Betsy { 04.03.17 at 6:38 AM }

Sounds like an awesome time. I have always wanted to visit Austin

2 Sloane { 04.03.17 at 9:04 AM }

Congratulations on the new home! Love you Marissa and Jeff!

3 Marissa { 04.03.17 at 12:16 PM }

Come back!! :-*

4 Tram Mai { 04.04.17 at 6:17 AM }

OMG LOOOOOOVE all the drinks, toasts, food, adventures, and fun!!! WOW!!! What a GREAT trip!!!! Xoxoxo

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