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Waco & Magnolia

As I said yesterday, we got up early on Saturday morning to drive the approximately 90 minutes from Austin to Waco in hopes of beating the major Saturday morning crowds so we could eat at Magnolia Table.

It was about 8:15 when we arrived and I immediately knew we didn’t leave early enough when I saw the packed parking lot. Tram and I hopped out of the car to get our names on the wait list while Marissa parked.

Our hopes were slightly dampened when we saw the Disneyland-like line winding around stanchions in true Disney form. We got in line and Marissa soon joined us.

We stood there for about 15 to 20 minutes until an employee came around to let everyone know what the deal was. We were standing in line to put our names on the waitlist. She couldn’t say how long it would take us to get to the front of the line, but once we put in our name, it would be another hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes until we got a table.

The three stood there for another 5 minutes or so and then Tram said that she didn’t “have” to eat here to be happy. I was so relieved! Marissa and I said that we didn’t either and we got out of line and went around the building to the “Take Away” part of the restaurant to shop.

One fun find in the shop was the packages of our hometown Hayden Flour Mills that we spotted on the shelves. The store carries the pizza flour, cornmeal mix, and stone ground oatmeal. Local pride right there in Waco!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I covet this CAFE sign in the Take-Away store. LOVE!  The girls each got a coffee-to-go and we were on our way to the Silos, about a 10-minute drive up the road.

As for our Miles to Magnolia, Tram and I traveled 1049 miles from Phoenix and Marissa traveled 102 miles from Austin.

Here is my advice is you go to Magnolia Market. Don’t go on a Saturday or this is what you will encounter. Don’t get me wrong, we still loved it, but I have to believe it is better during the week.

And there is much to love besides the store, the grounds are gorgeous too.

From the Seed-Supply garden store to the gardens themselves, the great lawn, and food trucks, you could easily make a day of it.

I love how Jo beatifies everything, even the rusty contraptions coming off the silos that probably moved the grain in and out – back in the day.

Since we couldn’t get into Magnolia Table, we decided that the Silos Baking Co. was our next best bet. Yeah, we were wrong! That line was just as long and it was in full sun.

So we left our car in the Magnolia parking lot and walked across the street to The Findery.

Another very cool home decor store that we loved, although I think Marissa was the only one who bought something there.

Next, we drove to another store I had heard about called Spice Village. It has nothing to do with spices but is rather a large store that houses 60+ boutiques with a huge variety of goods.

We got back in the car and drove to downtown Waco to check out the Hippodrome Theater.

The theater itself was cool, but what I really wanted to see was the green door that is next to it.

How gorgeous is this!?! I researched when I got home and found out it was the Green Door Lofts and that you can rent them on Airbnb and other such rental sites. Fun!

We were back in the car and off to Harp Design Co. Even if you’ve only watched 2 or 3 episodes of Fixer Upper, you know who Clint Harp is. Clint makes the stunning kitchen islands, dining tables, etc. that Jo wants for her clients.

From there we did our stalking part of the day and drove by the Gaines family farm.

We had a wonderful day in Waco and even if we didn’t get to eat anywhere Magnolia related, I’d say we were quite successful with our shopping endeavors!

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1 Barbara { 07.19.18 at 10:20 AM }

I visited in April…similar experience except I couldn’t even find a parking space at Magnolia Table. I still enjoyed the Silos, even without the cupcakes! Thanks for the great pictures.

2 Pat { 07.19.18 at 3:37 PM }

Crazy how busy that was. Quite a gold mine, apparently.

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