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This post is part “throwback Thursday” since Christmas 2014 was on a Thursday and part craft project for Christmas 2015.

I meant to share this back in mid-December… but… I forgot. Even so, it’s still an easy and fun craft for next Christmas.

I made a few of them as gifts this year and I’m planning to make many more for next year.

Here is the back story:

I was in serious “purge mode” last Thursday. I had finally owned up to the fact that I wasn’t wearing at least 80% of the clothes in my closet and about 90% of the shoes.

So I went through it, with a very critical eye, and this is what I gathered up to give away.


That mess on my bed consists of:

  • 26 skirts
  • 22 dresses
  • 11 pairs of dress pants
  • 7 jackets and sweaters


  • Over 13 DOZEN (that’s more than 156!!!) tops and blouses



… 53 pairs of shoes!

It is so freeing!

The dresser is my next target!

I did hold on to two really nice sweaters. One green and one cream for crafting purposes.

Here is what I’m going to make with them.

sweater ornament

Christmas ornaments!


Just cut out a round piece from the sweater that is a little bit larger than a metal or wooden embroidery hoop. (I prefer the 11 cm or 14 cm sizes)

Enclose the sweater round in the hoop, trim, and add a ribbon or rope for the hanger.


That’s all there is to this super-easy way to recycle, especially if you have a favorite Christmas sweater that you no longer wear but have a sentimental attachment to.

Hey, it’s never too early to start Christmas crafting!

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1 vjaapaz { 01.30.15 at 9:59 AM }

So proud of you for cleaning out that closet. I love my sweater ornament too. Cute as a button! Come spruce up your wardrobe with cabi spring 15! Preview 2/7 at my house!!!

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