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fun food – surprise me Thursday

Our first week of kids cooking ended with my new “Surprise Me Thursday” class.  Each week we’ll be making fun dishes inspired by photos I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  I won’t be posting the recipes for the dishes here, but you can go to the THIS LINK and check out the original recipes right from my Pinterest “Fun Foods” pin board.

The kids had a ball making and eating all this colorful and creative food. From the rainbow frosted cupcakes to the Trix Krispie Treats.

It wasn’t all sweets and food coloring though. They also make pizza that looked like a football, crudites planted like a flower garden, and a hollowed-out and stuffed baguette…

…along with several other fun dishes you’ll find on the “Fun Foods” board.

All in all, a successful end to a fun week!

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1 Patti Pullen { 06.03.12 at 3:55 PM }

I miss Lizzy coming to your classes. She loved them and so did I! Looks like you have a great group of lucky kids this summer. Have fun!!

2 Marissa { 06.03.12 at 6:09 PM }

This is so cute!

3 Linda Hopkins { 06.03.12 at 7:03 PM }

Aw Patti, I miss Lizzy and all of Marissa’s friends who came when they were teens – they were so much fun! Please send her kisses from me and tell her I think about her all the time! (oh, and you too – lunch again when classes are done!) xoxoox

4 Pat { 06.04.12 at 8:14 AM }

I see you had a Green Bay Packer fan at the class.

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