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Travel Tuesday

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-generico-20-mg-dosaggio by Linda Hopkins

enter lake-geneva

click here This image is one of my favorites from the thousands of photos I took on our Swiss-German summer trip.

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source link My original intention was to post photos along with commentary for weeks worth of Travel Tuesdays. This is my third entry and I’m over it.

enter site vines

prednisone 20 mg tablet usage schedule I’ve just got too much other stuff going on to focus on the past.


It’s becoming harder to remember the details from the trip and write about them when my mind is filled with what I still need to accomplish in the now!


Not to say it wasn’t an amazing and gorgeous trip. It was. I just have to move forward.


Luckily, if you want to know more about our travels and exploits…


I have a really wonderful place for you to go and not only read about our journey …


… but also see photos much more gorgeous and wonderful than these.


My Australian friend, Nell, was using a real camera to capture it all, while I was snapping away with my iPhone.


Not only that, she created a special daily blog page on Facebook.


With Nell’s permission, I share it with you. Here is the link to check it out.


When you open the page, the top entry is the end of the trip, so scroll to the bottom of the page to begin at the beginning.


As you read it, please know that each time Nell mentions her “American friend” that she talking about me. 🙂


If you do visit the page, you can let her know I sent you there and, of course, feel free to tell her how gorgeous her photos are, because they truly are! Just don’t look at hers and then come back and look at these and compare too much.


Now, I’ve got to get back to putting up more collections on my Miscellany Shed site and maybe even start cooking again.







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1 source url Tram Mai { 09.27.16 at 8:27 AM }

Such GREAT BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!

2 source site Betsy { 09.27.16 at 10:47 AM }

your photos are beautiful ! I wish I could take pictures like that with my Iphone

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