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Back in Barca

After a lovely weekend in Paris, we took the metro and then the RER back to Charles de Gaulle airport. On our initial RER trip into Paris, there were many stops and it took at least 30 to 40 minutes, so we allotted for at least that much time to get back to the airport. Turns out, the return ride was non-stop, so we arrived at the airport in more than enough time.


We decided that with all our extra time we would enjoy a nice leisurely lunch before we went through security. We were working out the bill, Peggy wanted to use her credit card, so Lorraine and I had just handed over our cash when Natalie asked, “What time is it? What time is our flight?” Realizing we were late… very late, we all panicked and told Peggy to just throw down some cash and RUN!

As Lorraine said in her daily email update to her family, “We moved  faster than we have to date on this trip. We actually did an “OJ Simpson” through the airport to make our flight.”

vintage OJ

You know, the good old vintage 1970’s OJ Simpson Hertz advertisements…

Point is, We Made It!


We arrived in Barca (“Bar-sa” which is the endearing name the locals call their city) dropped our bags at our apartment, changed into warm weather clothes and headed to Montjuic in search of a castle. Montjuic Castle is on a hill and is actually a mid-1600 military fortress which today houses a military museum.


The views from the top were fabulous.


We then walked all the way down the hill – we’d taken a gondola (sky-ride) up.


When we reached the bottom we were rewarded with the Track & Field Olympic (1992) Stadium and the Olympic Flame platform. Very Cool!


Next, we went to Barceloneta in search of paella and sangria. If I have to be completely honest – my sangria and my paella are better. Sorry Spain!


All of this happened on Sunday. Because of the weekend and the Paris trip, I’m a day behind. I’m just saying this for my own accounting … I don’t want to miss telling you about even one day!

time zone

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about our day today. Right now, as I type this for you to read tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM, it is currently Monday at 9:24 PM here and it is 1:24 PM in Arizona.

See, now I’ve completely confused myself! Sorry if I’ve confused you too!

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1 Sydney { 03.18.14 at 8:02 AM }

Are you going out to the Dali Museum? It is quite something.

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