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beyond busy

My house sold!

This is the story of my life. I am averaging five hours of sleep a night. Not only because I have so much to do but worse, I can’t shut my mind off.

The real work is just beginning. Between now and mid-June, I’ll be posting sporadically, at best. When I do write a post, I’ll probably be typing it in the middle of the night … when my mind is racing and I can’t sleep.

Please hang in there with me. xoxo


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1 Sloane { 05.03.17 at 10:34 AM }

Remember to ask for help! It’s easy!

2 Nancy { 05.03.17 at 1:01 PM }

Ah…congratulations, though of course with change comes lots of work to get to the next level! I understand how lying awake and replaying life and details and MUST DO’s keep you awake, so just tell yourself “I can handle this pressing topic better in the morning when I’ve had a good night sleep”. And then….sleep. Sometimes it works! Love to you and all that packing and sorting….and switching up of life.

3 Krista Walker { 06.22.17 at 2:35 PM }

I came to your home for a fall craft experience years ago…your home was beautiful! Where will you be moving to?

4 Linda Hopkins { 06.22.17 at 6:46 PM }

Hi Krista, I remember, good times! I’ve moved into a rental… just a little north of where I was …for now. Not sure exactly where I’ll land, but I’ll keep everyone posted! xoox

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