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eating out

I honestly don’t know how some people do it. How they are able to eat out more than once or twice a week. When I come home from vacation, the first thing I crave is a home-cooked meal and the absolute last thing I want for a week or two is to go out to eat. I know of people who dine in restaurants, carry-out, or have delivery more than 7 or 8 times a week. That, to me, is the definition of insanity for multiple reasons: it is expensive, what is in the food and how it is prepared is out of your control, and it is expensive… oh I already mentioned that… but it is!

That said, the three restaurants we dined at in San Francisco were amazing! But I did say “San Francisco”, so what else would you expect… but amazing? I am no restaurant critic. I don’t critique the decor, the location, or even the wait-staff.  I just know if I am “comfortable” in a space, I’m with people I want to be with, and if I have delicious food – well, then Im happy and I’ve had a good dining experience. So this won’t be a critique of the three restaurants, just glowing praise and my personal recommendation to go to one, or all three, if you have the chance, and the money; they’re all on the pricey side.

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August 7, 2011   4 Comments