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fajita sandwiches


I promised myself that I would post before 10PM today, and it’s a promise I am keeping! I need the sleep! I have been obsessed, which is what happens when I get into something new. If I love a book, I don’t put it down until it’s finished. Example- a few summers ago, when the 5th Harry Potter book was released on a Friday morning, I bought two copies (well, we always bought 2 copies, one for each of my kids’ libraries). One copy went with Dave and the kids on a plane that afternoon back to Illinois to see his family. The other was with me, in bed, which I read straight through, no eating, no sleeping, no anything (except toilet-breaks!) until the book was finished. Mind you this is an 800+ page book. Then on Saturday morning, when I’d finished it, I got dressed and shopped for that next weeks’ classes, came home and went to bed until the next morning. But that’s how it is and that’s how it’s been with these posts too. I’m going to have to get on a more day-light schedule! Most of today’s daylight has been spent putting up links to sites I wanted to share with you. Most are cooking sites or blogs, and some of the others are friends’ sites. Then there are sites that are just filled with lovely and artistic photos, many Paris inspired!


photo from The Paris Apartment

Like this gorgeous photo (I have died and gone to heaven!) from The Paris Apartment! So check them out and enjoy! The following recipe was partially inspired by a sandwich I had this summer in California.  It was with grilled chicken and had a tasty and unique corn-onion mayonnaise. I haven’t been able to get that mayo out of my mind since.  I picked up skirt steak with the intention of making fajitas, but then found in the newly arrived Sept issue of of Bon Appetit a sandwich recipe using…Grilled Corn Mayonnaise! Funny how things like this show up in different places around the same time… so now here is my version…

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August 25, 2009   2 Comments